Austin Healey 3000 Mk1

The ultimate incarnation of the British Roadster!!!

The “Big” Healeys are legendary but unclassifiable… Today they embody the “British Chic” with their white faced Smiths gauges, two tones paints and wire wheels… However in the 50’s they were rather “big boys’ cars”, Caroll Shelby himself was even racing a 100/6!

… Indeed, before becoming the “so chic British Classic” they are today, the Austin Healey won their fame in they hands of the greatest racing drivers (Caroll Shelby, Stirling Moss, Timo Makinen) and this as well on the race track (Sebring, Le Mans, Daytona, Laguna Seca) as in rallies (Monte-Carlo, RAC, Acropole) or during the city-to-city “marathons” (Lièges-Rome-Liège, Coupe des Alpes). The “Big” Healey records are actually an inventory of the 50’s and 60’s motor racing events, Donald Healey’s roadsters definitely made history…

… And as soon as one takes place behind the large Moto-Lita wooden steering wheel it’s easy to understand why… The straight-6 purrs like a big cat and delivers immediately a generous torque, the Healey is neither “sharp” nor hazardous, she is at her ease on every grounds and in everyone’s hands…

On the practical side: Our Austin Healey 100/6 is first of all … A real four seater!!! It is rare for a roadster but the two backseats can accomodate two adults for a short trip or two children on a long distance … However the “Big” Healeys are REAL roadsters, no side windows (side curtains instead) and only a tonneau cover … Fortunately it never rains on the French Riviera!!!

Braking is very good for a car with four drum-brakes, it starts on the button warm or cold, the road handling is perfect, only the sterring (a bit heavy) can explain its “big boy’s car” reputation (even if the “Big” Healeys won the “Lady’s Trophy” in several hundred races!!!).

No need to be a great racing driver to go up the Turini top on a light throttle, or to cruise on the highway with the overdrive, the 100/6 is always totally at your beck and call!!!

Specifications : “Old English White” and “Tahiti blue”, blue leather interior with white piping, 2+2 seater, 1020 kilos, 2,6l “Straight-6” engine, 117 bhp, 4 speed + OD, 4 drum brakes, max. speed : +160 km/h.

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