Chevrolet Corvette C1

… a fighter jet on wheels!!!

Our Corvette C1 V8 is like a fighter jet on wheels… its windscreen is like that of a fighter jet’s cockpit, its exhaust pipes set in the rear bumper are reminiscent of reactor pipes – 1950’s America was proud of its “Air Force”! But the C1 is also a formidable sports coupe with lots of torque and is very spacious… for a pilot as well as a co-pilot!

The heart of our Corvette C1 ’59 is of course the smooth and powerful “283CI” V8 engine delivering phenomenal torque already from the lowest RPM… of course this is no reason to fly down the hairpin turns of the Turini pass in order to set the pace… The Corvette is first and foremost an ultra-comfortable “cruiser” to be enjoyed on a light throttle with the 8 cylinder “glug glug” sound of the engine in the background…

Above all, the Corvette is spectacular, an ode to the “design of the automobile” and a reminder of the era of permanent “restyling” from the Detroit manufacturer, each detail is worth its weight in chrome!!!! From every angle this classic is superb. Whether it’s for a weekend getaway, a wedding or a photoshoot… this beauty will eye-catchingly mark the film roll…

Practical note: Our Corvette C1 ’59 is not a “pure sports car”; rather it is a wonderful cruiser for those good times. It lends itself perfectly for those long hauls and handles very comfortably on the motorway. It is also a very steady vehicle; its brakes and steering are excellent for a car from the 50’s.

The Corvette is very spacious (think American standards…) easily accommodating big and tall drivers; the luggage compartment also being quite sizeable.

Specifications : Azure blue and white “coves”, black interior, seats 2, 1350 kg., 283 cu. in. V8 engine, 250HP, 3 speed gear box, 4 (very powerful) drum brakes. Maximum speed: approx. 170 km/h

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