Ford Mustang Convertible

a “Beautiful American” on the French Riviera …

The Ford Mustang is the pure Americain Dream ! Everything is here, the V8 289 rumble, the auto trans, the chromes, the “Tulip” steering-wheel and the “Jet” instruments. She is the Queen of “Pony cars”, the perfect vessel for “cruising” on the Riviera … To the sound of Rock’n Roll !!!

Today driving a Mustang on the French Riviera it’s getting back in touch with the sixties movie stars who didn’t hesitate to have their Mustang shipped from the US for the Cannes Film Festival ! Driving down the Croisette in a Mustang is definitely “in sync”, it’s never too late to make its own “cinema” !!! The Mustang is also perfect for every “special occasion”, stag night, birthday, and of course wedding … It will easily welcome the creaziest dresses on its vast rear seat!!!

But renting our Mustang it’s also quite simply having for a week-end, or for a week or two holidays, a real 4 seaters convertible, powerful, ultra reliable, easy to drive, and which will take you everywhere in an absolute comfort, all getting “thumbs up” along the way as well as congratulations from numerous enthusiasts … Everywhere it goes the Mustang creates a real “sensation” …

On the practical sideOur 1965 Ford Mustang has the 289Ci V8 (4,6 liters…) and the famous C4 automatic transmission, needless to say that it is a reliable car… With almost 225 Bhp and its massive torque it is as well very much at its ease in the modern traffic, on the roads as on the highways. It’s also a very easy drive because its size is the less imposing of all 60’s “big Americans” even if you can take a lot of luggage in its (very!) large boot. Moreover its cover is perfectly waterproof, it can handle any weather!

Last point, our Mustang has a new engine and a new Holley carb, its fuel consumption is very reasonable, actually very comparable to a modern (big) saloon car’s one.

Specifications : Red, “Pony” red leatherette interior, 4 seaters, 1200 kilos, V8 289Ci 225 Bhp, C4 auto trans, drum brakes all round, maximum speed : 175 km/h.

Rate: from 479 € per day, go to our tarifs & conditions and contact pages!