Porsche 550 RS Spyder

The “Giant killer”!

The Porsche 550 RS Spyder it’s the Myth in its natural state!!! All the ingredients are here, the legendary victories (Mille Miglia, Carrera Panamerica, Le Mans…) the dramas with James Dean’s accident, and a radical design, lightweight space frame chassis and mid-engine…

Because the Porsche Spyder 550 RS Spyder is first of all a race car designed to challenge the Ferraris and the Mercedes, from these mercyless fights it will get its nickname, “the giant killer”. Indeed confronted to the engine size escalation from the main factory teams, the very young Porsche squad has chosen the lightness and rigidity of a space frame chassis with a 1500 cc “flat-four” to lower the center of gravity, very quickly the Porsche are collecting victories with even the mythical “Targa Florio” and a Le Mans class win…

Still today the result is amazing, the 550 Spyder balance is quite simply incredible, lively, agile, precise, the car is almost impossible to catch out. Despite the powerful “2110” engine traction is perfect, brakes are definitely oversized, it’s a thrilling car to drive but with also a very high level of security.

It’s the ideal “mount” for a sporty car motoring week-end in the countryside, that you will be able to end beautifully with a diner in Monaco, its beauty will catch all the looks…

On the practical side: “radical” race car par excellence the Porsche 550 RS Spyder is however rather easy to live with! It has a large boot enabling you to take enough luggage for two … And even a little bit of shopping!!! You can cover it if the weather is threatening and its “flat-four” is both sober and exceptionally reliable, It will take you safely (and quickly!) at the end of the world!

You can very much drive it in “relaxing mode”, no need to be permanently”close to the red line” it’s also a great car for a simple drive, comfortable, easy to handle and very securing.

Specifications : “Beck” chassis, white “Porsche” color, red “darts” (on the rear wings …) and Mobil “Pegasus” decals, black leather interior, 2 seater, 650 kilos, “2110” flat-four engine, +150 Bhp, 4 speed gearbox, 2 discs brakes in front, 2 drums in rear, maximum speed : +190 km/h.

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