Rolls Corniche Convertible

Luxury, silence and voluptousness…

Incarnate of the “luxury automobile”, a Rolls resembles no other car. Comfortable, silent and extremely smooth to drive it is an experience in and of itself. Our Rolls is a Corniche which derived its name from the legendary “Grande Corniche”, the mountain road running from Nice to Monaco… so come and experience “our Corniche on The Corniche”!!!

You will revel in the incredible silence of its V8 engine boasting almost 7 cylindrical litres and the scent of “Connolly” leather along with the luxuriousness of the walnut wood panels and the little trays for the glass of Champagne you will sip during your trip to the restaurant, casino, grand hotel or memorable party!

The Rolls-Royce is the vehicle for those grand occasions: weddings, birthdays or romantic weekends… each instance in a Rolls is magical… It will add an unparalleled glamour to all your photos. As it is extremely spacious, it will easily accommodate all manner of wedding dresses; even the most ostentatious!

Practical Note:Although impressive and spectacular, the driving experience of a Rolls-Royce is virtually identical to that of any other car with maybe a little extra vigilance during parking manoeuvring (even though the very comfortable power steering makes it actually easier than it seems…)

As the rest goes, it is a fast convertible that will surely give you much pleasure to drive. The Corniche allows for numerous pieces of luggage and accommodates 4 true and comfortable seats, even on those longer drives. (Upon request, we can even plug in a small refrigerator in the trunk…).

Finally, it is a “modern classic” with many modern accessories such as air conditioning, power steering, electric top, electric seats and windows, etc.

Specifications : “Bronze Gold” body and “Bordeaux” red top, black leather interior with cream piping, seats 4/5, 2150 kg., 6.7L 8 cylinders engine, Horse power unknown (however extremely sufficient!), 4 speed automatic, 4 disc brakes. Maximum speed: 180km/h.

Rate: from 699 € per day, go to our tarifs & conditions and contact pages!