Rent A Classic Car, the Cars

Sport, leisure, prestige… The ideal collection always at your disposal!

Every enthusiast knows it, THE perfect car doesn’t exist, for each occasion there is a different car : sports coupe, convertible, off-road, Italian, German, French, etc. We want them all! Rent A Car Classic makes this dream come true : whether it be for an evening, a week-end or your entire holidays, they are all yours ! The collection rides through the “chrome years”, from the “chic fifties” and the “swinging sixties”, to the “psychedelic seventies”. The collection takes also a lot from cinema and you will sit behind the wheel of cars made famous by James Dean, Steve MacQueen, Dustin Hoffman, Brigitte Bardot or even … Magnum!
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  • American
  • British
  • French
  • German
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